Xminer Is A Scam

Xminer is a scam

Welcome to Xminer.io is a scam!

The purpose of this site is to expose one of the biggest crypto scams: “cloudmining”.  Companies, like Xminer.io will claim that if you invest in their company, they will pay you interest on their earnings.

Update April 2, 2021: The Final Scam – Take The Money And Run!

The thieves offered a promotion in which they would double the money you put into their site for 2 days.  During this 2 day period, withdraws would not be available (as if they had been available before).  After the 2 day period, they took down the website like a bunch of … 贱女人 At least their operation has been exposed and people will realize that Cloud Mining is a scam.

How The Scam Works

Xminer.io pays a few small payments to gain your trust.  You put in more money, and that’s where they make up a reason you can’t withdraw and they “freeze” your funds until you add ridiculous amounts of money into their account.  It’s extortion… except you will never get your money out of their system.

You’ll notice that each of their “mining products” has a contract with ridiculously, poorly written English.  The irony is that when you attempt to withdraw, and they deny it by saying “Failing to meet withdrawal requirements,Please contact online customer service“.

When you contact customer service, they will (literally) make up a reason why you failed to meet their requirements.  When you bring up the fact that none of this is listed in their contract, they make up another reason.  They don’t understand the wording in the contract as the customer service representative will contradict the supposed agreement.

Their own contract does not prohibit you from withdrawing funds, but it requires that you order multiple versions of that product, which they remove the product from the site, so you can’t order multiple versions, so they can say you breached the contract.  Fun, right?  But the contract does not say your funds will be frozen nor does it list how they could be frozen anywhere on the site.  But… details, details.

What Can I Do About This?

First, don’t give them money.  Second, troll their live chat.  It’s a real person.  Taking up their time keeps them occupied from scamming other people.  You don’t have to fill out their form with your details, and they will start talking to you.  I would recommend get a 10MB image (as that’s the attachment limitation) and send them lots of fun images!  All the time.  They love it!  (I didn’t say to send them animated GIFs of gay Chinese porn. You did not hear me say that. If you say that I said that, I will deny it.)

Eventually, they will remove the chat from the page once they realize they are being trolled, but clear your cache & history, and restart your browser, and you should be back in business.  Use multiple browseres. Or do this with a VPN. #CommunityService

Top Customer Service Responses (Comedy)

“Once the contract comes into force, it is irrevocable”
Ok, but your company just broke the contract.  Is it irrevocable still?

“If you do not deal with the problem, your account funds will be frozen and cannot be withdrawn. This is a breach of contract, the company will appeal, and you may have to pay expensive liquidated damages.”
Sounds serious!

“To avoid breach of contract, you need to deal with this project as soon as possible, otherwise your funds will be frozen forever”
Sounds legit.

“If you don’t deal with the problem, the company will Sue you.”
What happened to “the customer is always right”? And I have no problem being Sued with a capital “S”. When do I meet her?

“For me to invest this, you have this available for me to buy 10 times, correct? And you are guaranteeing that you will have 10 of these available and you will not sell these out?”


5 Minutes Later…

“If it is sold out and you haven’t made it up yet, it will be a breach of contract. The company will file an appeal, and you may need to compensate more liquidated damages. In order to avoid this situation, please make up the remaining 18,000 as soon as possible”

That got lost in translation quickly.

More Fun Facts About Xminer.io

Top Tech Company Xminer.io Operates Out Of The Parking Lot Of Trader Joe’s Groceries
The address they have listed on their site… turns out it’s in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s.  Beware of the vegetables here as the mining machines will create enough heat to wilt the lettuce.

217 Summit Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35243

I’ve Seen That Face Before
Xminer.io’s Team is the same team from NerdWallet.com.  Wow that team gets around!